Long Story Short

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Long Story Short
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On New Year's Eve, procrastinator Teddy rushes  to a party where he's supposed to meet with his   girlfriend. He makes it barely in time to reach  for his girl and kiss her when the countdown hits   midnight, but after the kiss is over, he realizes  he mistook a woman named Leanne for his girlfriend   because they're wearing the same dress. Teddy  apologizes and offers Leanne to get her a drink   before he realizes he isn't feeling so well  - it turns out that during the kiss, Teddy   accidentally swallowed what Leanne was eating,  which had nuts he's allergic to. Leanne runs   to get help and that's when Teddy's girlfriend  Becca finds him, but he only tells her he ate   nuts by accident. Then Leanne comes back with an  Epipen, and after Teddy uses it to feel better,   he says goodbye to her, although they both can  feel a spark when their hands brush. Shortly   afterward, Teddy breaks up with Becca and starts  dating Leanne. Their relationship is wonderful   and quickly becomes more serious, but many years  pass before Teddy finally asks her to marry him.   After Leanne says yes, Teddy takes her to his  father's grave to give him the news, and Teddy   admits he wishes he had popped the question  sooner so his dad could've been here with them,   which causes Leanne to tease him for taking so  long. Leanne wonders if Teddy needs more time,   and he admits that would be nice. Then, Leanne  returns to the car to give Teddy a last moment   with his dad, but he isn't alone. A Stranger  approaches Teddy to congratulate him on the   wedding and wonders when it's happening, but Teddy  admits they haven't chosen a date yet because he   can't rush into things. The Stranger points out  that if Teddy waits too long it may be too late,   then she snaps her fingers as she explains  sometimes you wake up and notice a whole   year had gone by just like that. She can see  Teddy is a good man that feels a bit lost,   so she's going to give him a very special wedding  present. Suddenly they're interrupted by Leanne,   who was worried about Teddy taking to so long, and  the Strange casually lets her know Teddy chose the   wedding date to be in two weeks. Teddy tries to  deny it, but now he's under pressure and ends up   accepting to make Leanne happy. Two weeks later,  Teddy and Leanne are having a wonderful wedding,   and Teddy's best friend Sam gives a best-man  speech teasing him about his bad time habits,   especially the fact he took so long to  propose to Leanne. After the speech is over,   Teddy tells Sam he isn't that bad, so to prove  his point Sam asks when the honeymoon's happening,   but Teddy hasn't even started to plan it because  he's in the middle of a few projects and he has   to work out how much paid leave he's got. Seeing  how Sam's indeed right, Teddy promises to take   care of it tomorrow morning. The newlyweds spend  a wonderful day together at the party before going   home to their wonderful newly bought house, where  they already make plans to transform a room into   Leanne's writing space, and maybe get a Great  Dane. When the couple starts getting frisky,   Teddy explains to her that he proposed with the  ring his dad literally made himself for his mom,   and Leanne promises to never take it off. Then,  Leanne goes to the bathroom to freshen up,   and Teddy begins looking at the presents, finding  a plant from a friend and a mysterious white box   with a can inside. The can doesn't have any kind  of label on it but it does sound like it has a   small object inside, however the card says "do  not open for ten years with no signature. Teddy   assumes it's a gag gift and ignores it in favor  of spending a great night with his wife. The next   morning, Teddy wakes up late and is shocked to  see how much tidying up Leanne has done in a few   hours, he also thinks their plant grew suddenly  overnight. Leanne is in the bathroom and keeps   mentioning something about their anniversary which  confuses Teddy, this confusion only gets worse   when Leanne comes out with a big belly. At first  Teddy thinks it's fake, but after touching it he   can tell it's real, and Leanne reminds him she's  eighteen weeks pregnant. Teddy begins freaking   out, not understanding how all this could happen  overnight, and Leanne begins to worry, wondering   if this is a prank or a stroke. Leanne grabs her  phone to show Teddy pictures of their wedding and   prove it happened a year ago, meaning today it's  their first anniversary. As Teddy begins having a   panic attack, Leanne wonders if he's doing all  this as a way to cover up he's forgotten about   their anniversary and promises she doesn't mind.  Then she gives him her gift, which is an envelope   with pieces of paper to choose the color for the  baby's room, this is because tradition dictates   that on the first anniversary is paper. Teddy  wants to leave the color choice for later because   he's too confused, but Leanne gets frustrated by  Teddy leaving things always for the last second,   which makes it hard on her to take care of  their everyday necessities. Their argument   is interrupted by the baby moving in the belly,  and the shock of feeling it under his hands makes   Teddy apologize and choose purple before lying  down to rest. After sleeping for a few hours,   Teddy wakes up and notices Leanne doesn't have  her big belly anymore. He thinks the weirdness   of yesterday was all a dream until Leanne  mentions their baby, who is in another room.   Teddy starts freaking out as he walks through  the house and notices the passing of time again,   getting more nervous when he picks up and phone  and sees all the pictures of another year he can't   remember. Leanne brings the baby and tries to  make Teddy hold her, getting angry when Teddy at   first refuses. Once he has the baby in his hands,  Teddy is amazed at the fact this is his child,   but he keeps angering Leanne when he calls her  a "he" and complains about how ugly the name   Talulah is. To calm her down, Teddy tries to  explain he seems to be traveling through time,   but obviously Leanne doesn't believe him and  accuses him of pretending to have a breakdown   again like he did during their last anniversary.  She thinks Teddy feels like he's lost time because   he spent most of the last two years at work and  gave up on his dream to study photography, so   Teddy promises he'll quit after earning some more  money for the sake of their baby. Leanne takes   his word and decides to give him the anniversary  present, which is a t-shirt with a picture of the   family because the second anniversary is cotton.  Teddy can't tell when the picture was taken and   tries to guess it was during their honeymoon,  which immediately angers Leanne again. They never   went on a honeymoon because Teddy never booked it  like he promised, and she can't believe he forgot   about their anniversary two years in a row. Teddy  apologizes again and promises he'll never forget   again, so after Leanne leaves to feed the baby, he  calls Sam to ask him for a favor: Sam needs to add   a reminder on his phone for next year on the same  date to pick Teddy up and bring him some sort of   anniversary present. After hanging up, Teddy grabs  an orange and hides it inside the plant's pot just   in time for another year to instantly pass. When  Teddy reaches inside the pot again, he finds the   rotten orange, confirming that he's jumping a year  ahead every time. At that moment, a horn is heard   outside, and Teddy runs out to hug Sam, surprised  by how older he looks. Then the two of them go for   a walk during which Teddy tries to explain what's  going on, but Sam doesn't believe him either. But   since his friend is so desperate for help, Sam  plays along and comments this is very similar to   the movie "Groundhog Day", where the protag ends  the curse after having the perfect day. Teddy   thinks that makes sense but he still asks Sam to  add a new reminder on his phone just in case. He   also asks for the gift and is disappointed to  see Sam has brought a unicorn plushie because   he misheard Teddy on the phone and thought he said  "nursery" instead of "anniversary". Teddy rushes   back to his house to make the day perfect but  Leanne is already angry because he was supposed   to be watching over Talulah and he just left the  girl alone without a word. Thankfully Talulah's   still safe inside the house, and Teddy gifts her  the plushie, which prompts the girl to call him   "daddy". This excites Teddy because he thinks it's  her first word, but Leanne quickly corrects him,   explaining daddy was her twelfth word because  Teddy's always away working and he wasn't here   to hear the first. Teddy snaps, saying he works to  give them a good life, and Leanne points out this   is exactly what their couples counselor warned  them about. Hearing about couple's therapy upsets   Teddy because it means the relationship isn't  going well, and Leanne brings out two letters they   wrote because their therapist asked them to read  them the next time they have a fight. Leanne's   letter says she loves him but she doesn't feel  like Teddy's the same guy she married, she also   understands neither of them is happy but to make  this work Teddy needs to spend more time with his   family. Then Leanne pressures Teddy into reading  his letter, but as soon as he opens it, he sees   he didn't write nice things and tries to drop it,  causing Leanne to get it from his hand to read it   herself. Teddy wrote he knows this isn't working  because he feels pressured by her, he knows she   resents him for working so hard but somebody  has to provide for the family while she chases   that pipe dream of becoming a writer. Leanne  finally understands Teddy is jealous because   he didn't follow his dream, and when he points  out photography wouldn't pay much, she replies   that she would still be happy with a more humble  home because she would actually have her husband   with her. At that moment, Talulah calls for her  mother, so before going to see her, Leanne gives   Teddy the anniversary present. Since the third  year is leather, she gives him a wallet to put his   precious money in. At that moment, another year  magically passes, and Teddy finds himself alone   at home. Sam shows up because he still has the  reminder on his phone and Teddy begins freaking   out when Sam mentions he and Leanne are separated  now. The fact Teddy suddenly sees himself in the   mirror and notices all the white hair doesn't  help, and he continues to have a breakdown while   Sam shares some things about his own troubles with  his body, like the fact he's found lots of fat on   his back and a weird mole on his shoulder. Teddy  ignores all that and asks Sam for help again,   which allows him to learn Leanne only moved a  few blocks away to stay close to his daughter.   Then Teddy calls Leanne and puts her on speaker,  surprising her by wishing her a happy anniversary.   Leanne's impressed that he finally remembered and  asks him if he knows what kind of gift is next,   so Teddy makes Sam google it. The answer is fruit,  inspiring Teddy to invite Leanne to come over to   have some fruit together because he bought a bunch  of it, but as soon as Leanne accepts, Teddy gets   so excited that he forgets to mute the phone  and asks Sam to go fetch him some fruit. Seeing   as it had been a trick all along, Leanne turns  down the invitation and hangs up. Frustrated,   Teddy goes to his fridge to grab a drink and  feels time another year passing in front of   him. He finds a woman in the room and kisses her  thinking it's Leanne, but it's actually Becca, who   came over last night after a drunk Teddy texted  her saying he was lonely. Becca came over because   she was lonely too after her divorce, and after  Teddy has to stop her from getting frisky with   him again. The doorbell rings and it's Leanne, so  Teddy pushes Becca through the door before letting   Leanne in. Leanne wants to apologize for ignoring  Teddy's texts and calls even if she had been the   one to ask for some space, but she's starting to  miss Teddy, and this makes Teddy so excited that   he gives a very poor and vague apology before  trying to get frisky with Leanne on the couch.   This allows Leanne to find a bra on the couch and  two wine glasses on the coffee table, which means   there's another woman in the apartment. Teddy  tries to deny it, but Becca speaks from outside   to confirm it, and Leanne slaps Teddy for tricking  her like this before asking for a divorce. Then   she leaves, getting more upset when she goes  outside and sees it's Teddy's ex. Afterward,   Teddy asks Becca to leave and to promise she'll  never answer his texts or calls again. Becca   swears this will be the last time they'll see each  other, but at that moment, a year magically passes   again and Teddy freaks out when he discovers  Becca has moved in with him. Teddy calls Sam to   ask him to pick him up, then he breaks up with  Becca, explaining he still loves Leanne. Becca   confesses Teddy wasn't her first choice either and  that she's still upset over losing her husband,   the reason why they're together now it's because  they're afraid of being lonely and they should've   used their time better to work on their marriages.  Giving up, Becca accepts to leave the house and   tells Teddy to go after Leanne. Sam arrives  to pick up Teddy looking absolutely awful,   and after lots of pushing from Teddy, Sam explains  he has skin cancer as he takes off his hat to show   him what chemo is doing to him. Teddy should know  all this, so the conversation turns really awkward   when he begins asking all the sad questions as  if it was the first time, causing Sam to cut it   short by confessing he's scared but determined to  beat cancer and live fifty more years. Afterward,   Teddy asks Sam to take him to Leanne's house,  which surprises Sam because she's still living   two blocks away and Teddy could've walked. Sam  also calls her Teddy's "ex-wife", confirming   their relationship has only gotten worse. Teddy  rings Leanne's bell and when she opens the door,   he's delighted to see she got a Great Dane puppy.  After noticing the beautiful garden and telling   Leanne they should put a pool there for Talulah,  he explains he's here to talk to her, and Leanne   assumes he finally signed the divorce papers.  Teddy freaks out and comments he'll never sign any   papers, angering Leanne and making her kick him  out because they should only be seeing each other   when Teddy comes to have his visits with Talulah.  Teddy takes a step back as another year passes,   and he ends up falling in a kiddy pool that has  suddenly appeared in the garden. The door opens   and a man called Patrick appears, who reminds  Teddy he shouldn't come over if it isn't to   pick up his daughter. Leanne comes out then and  Teddy freaks out when he realizes this man is   her boyfriend, so when Leanne hears Teddy hasn't  signed the papers yet and tries to kick him out,   Teddy refuses and begins an argument with Patrick.  Leanne cuts him short and tells him to grow up   before explaining she's finally happy because she  has a guy that actually cares about her and her   writing career has taken off. Teddy's starting  to see she's better off without him, and when   he notices she lost the wedding ring, he sees it  as a sign and finally signs the divorce papers.   Afterward, he asks for permission to walk the  puppy, and when the two of them reach the beach,   another year passes. Now the puppy is a huge dog,  and Teddy is sporting a very long beard. He finds   a chocolate bar on the sand that contains nuts  and makes him wonder if he should use it to end   things, but before he takes a bite, a little  girl asks him if she's ok. Teddy realizes this   is eight-year-old Talulah, so he puts himself  together and spends a wonderful afternoon   with his daughter, making sure to teach her to  chase after her dreams. When he takes her home,   he asks if he's a good parent, and Talulah  admits she wants to spend more time with him,   she also wants more Poony-choos toys. Leanne  chooses that moment to come out and mention   Teddy's beard looks ugly, so he promises to  shave it. Then Teddy asks about Patrick and   learns things between him and Leanne aren't well,  which prompts Teddy to genuinely say he's sad to   hear that because he wanted her to be happy. Then  they part ways, but on his way out, Teddy realizes   he didn't wish Leanne a happy anniversary. When  he walks back to the house, another year passes,   and he finds himself with glasses and no beard.  There's nobody home, so Teddy tries to call Sam,   but his line is dead. When he checks out his  social media, he's destroyed to learn Sam has   died of cancer. Teddy rushes to the cemetery  to visit Sam's grave, ranting about the fact he   wasted all this time and didn't spend enough with  his best friend. He's suddenly interrupted when   the Stranger shows up explaining that she was the  one that gave him the curse as a wedding gift so   he could learn how valuable time is. She learned  this when someone else gave the curse to her,   allowing her to discover she was about to marry a  guy she didn't love and that she didn't even like   men at all, thus she got to spend her years with  a wonderful woman. Teddy thinks that sounds nice   and all but unlike her, he has tried to make  everything perfect and failed, which makes the   Stranger laugh because making everything perfect  is a stupid idea since life is never perfect. In   order to give him a clue, the Stranger mentions  she and her brother used to play with tin cans,   and she disappears at the same time Teddy  remembers the weird gift he got at his wedding.   Understanding what he needs to do, Teddy runs to  see Leanne, who isn't living with Patrick anymore   after he left her because he thought she was still  in love with Teddy. After he brings a box with old   things from another room, Teddy wonders if Leanne  truly still loves him and asks her to remember all   the good things instead of the bad. Leanne begins  mentioning all her favorite memories of their   marriage and admits she misses Teddy, thus he uses  that moment to take the can out. The card said to   wait ten years because the tenth anniversary is  tin, so the two of them finally open the can and   are shocked to find the wedding ring inside. Teddy  explains there's no reason for them not to be   together because life will always be complicated  and says their precious time will restart now   before kissing her. Teddy's time suddenly begins  rewinding and he suddenly finds himself in bed on   the morning after his wedding. After checking  the can and confirming it's empty, he hugs his   wife before doing all the things he promised to  do ages ago. First he books their honeymoon on   the computer, then he calls his boss to ask for  his paid leave and cancel all his overtime so   he can study photography and be with his family,  promising to quit once he finds a job he actually   likes. He also calls Sam to tell him to put a  reminder on his phone to see a doctor about his   skin every year and to invest in Poony-choos. Once  that's over, Teddy makes a mental note to send   the can to Becca to help her fix her marriage as  well, then he tells Leanne they should paint the   room purple and call their future child Talulah  because he loves that name. Leanne loves it too,   and she's happy to start her life with this  new Teddy that wastes no time being happy.
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