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Widow Kate Sullivan is a single mother   of three daughters who is studying to become a  nurse while working two jobs at the same time:   carpet cleaning and pizza delivery  at her friend Theresa's restaurant.   Because of this, she doesn't have time to  have a personal life, having to pick up her   daughters from school while delivering pizzas  and dropping them at his mother's Grace house.   Things get more complicated when Grace announces  she won't be able to babysit anymore because   she's gotten a part in a local play, so Kate  starts taking her daughters with her to work.   By the time night falls and she's put the girls to  bed, she's so tired she can barely study at all.   Meanwhile, Leonardo Montenegro is living a  life of luxury thanks to his father's money.   He is currently traveling on a yacht with his  butler Colin and a bunch of beautiful women,   ignoring the constants calls from his family.  Papi Montenegro is rather sick and he doesn't   think he has much time left to live, so he wants  Leonardo to come back to Mexico so he can hand his   company to him. This frustrates Leonardo's sisters  Magdalena and Sofia, because he's good for nothing   that doesn't know anything about business while  Magdalena has always worked in the company and   Sofia managed the charitable division, so they  should be the ones to get it. Tired of hearing   his daughters fight over this, Papi Montenegro  sends Magdalena to the USA to bring Leonardo back.   Kate's next carpet cleaning job ends up being  at Leonardo's yacht. When she enters his room,   she finds him still there and accidentally  sees his bottom, noticing his tattoo of Speedy   Gonzales. Leonardo is nice to her at first, but  he quickly begins making rude comments about her   looks, and Kate also hears him talk to Colin,  telling him to fire the chef because his food   is boring and not showing an ounce of care  when Colin says the chef's wife expecting.   While Kate starts cleaning, Leonardo leaves with  two very hot chicks whose noses he keeps booping,   only for his jacuzzi fun to be interrupted when  Magdalena arrives to give him the news about their   father. Leonardo once again shows no sympathy for  another human being and tells Magdalena they'll go   back by yacht instead of plane, which could mean  Papi could die before they arrive, and that he   can be the company's face but she can be the one  to manage it, causing her to be even more furious   at him. Moments later, when Kate is about to start  cleaning another room, Leonardo asks her to bring   him so fruit, which she refuses to do because  it's not her job. This displeases Leonardo,   who decides to fire Kate on the spot and refuses  to pay her for the part that she's already done.   Kate starts insulting him, calling him  self-absorbed and boring without his daddy's   money, and their argument takes so long that the  yacht starts taking off with her still in it.   She tries to warn the captain, but he can't hear  her because the music is so loud, and Leonardo   tells her to jump, but she won't do it because she  wants to be paid first. Since he doesn't want her   annoying him for the rest of the trip, Leonardo  gets rid of her by pushing her into the water and   throwing the carpet cleaning equipment as well.  The carpet cleaning company fires Kate, and on top   of that, she owes them three thousand dollars  for the cleaning machine that got destroyed.   She only has forty-two dollars left in her  account and doesn't know how she will survive,   and Theresa can't help her because her  husband Bobby spent their savings on a boat.   When night falls, Leonardo is trying to get  intimate with a woman in his yacht room,   but finds no protection left in his drawer.  Since Colin won't pick up the phone because   he's on his dinner break, Leonardo goes to the  ship deck to find the package he hid on the couch,   and suddenly, the yacht's fault engine makes  the ship shake, causing Leonardo to slip off.   He holds onto the rails and tries to call  for help, but the captain still has the music   playing too loud, his sister is on the phone, and  Colin is watching tv with the rest of the crew,   so nobody can hear him. Leonardo falls into the  ocean and wakes up the next morning on the beach   with amnesia and no recollection of his identity.  A police officer finds him wandering around town   and takes him to the hospital, where Leonardo  shows that while he may not remember who he is,   he still keeps his spoiled brat attitude towards  employees. Magdalena finds him there a few hours   later, but he sees the amnesia as an opportunity  and tells the doctor this man isn't her brother.   After buying an urn from a funeral home and  filling it with ashes from a campsite grill,   she returns home and tells the family that  Leonardo has died, causing Papi Montenegro to   decide to give her control of the company instead.  In the meantime, things keep getting worse for   Kate: now she's received a notice to vacate  the house because she hasn't been paying rent.   When she goes to Theresa's pizza place for work,  they see on the news that Leonardo is in the   hospital with amnesia, and Theresa gets an idea  for Kate to get her revenge. She asks one of her   employees for help making fake documents, and a  few days later, both women visit the hospital and   present the paperwork that says Kate is Leonardo's  wife. The nurse gives Kate all the belongings they   found on him when he was admitted, but it's just  a paper bag with the rubbers Leonardo had gotten   that night. This freaks her out and she tries to  leave in her car, but Theresa convinces her to   do this at least for a month until she graduates,  reminding her it's for her daughters. Kate accepts   it under that reasoning and puts away the paper  bag in the glove box before going back inside.   Leonardo can't believe he's married, not even  after Kate shows him the fake papers and an   edited picture of them, so to convince him, Kate  shows she knows about his Speedy Gonzales tattoo.   The doctor lets her take him home with him, where  Kate's daughters had already been told to lie.   Olivia and Molly run to him and hug him  while calling him dad, but the oldest girl,   Emily stays a bit cold and distant, which Kate  blames on her being a teenager but it's actually   because she doesn't approve of this plan. Leonardo  thinks it's weird none of them look like him,   so Kate tells him he's sterile and they used  a donor. The lies keep piling up from there:   they tell Leonardo he's the provider of the house  and that he had been fired before the accident,   but Bobby recently has done Kate a favor and  got him a job at his construction company; she   also tells him he used to be an addict that is now  clean so he can't drink alcohol anymore and that   they had a deal: while she studies for her exam,  he is supposed to do all the cleaning and cooking.   Leonardo continues not to believe anything, and  Kate tries using the boop she's seen him use   on women, but that only freaks him out more and  causes him to escape through the bathroom window,   only to be seen by Kate and be sent  back inside. When dinner time comes,   he ends up making a mess in the kitchen, but  at least the pasta is edible even if he doesn't   like the plain can sauce. Kate puts the girls to  bed and Emily takes the chance to point out that   Leonardo could babysit Olivia and Molly so she  can finally hang out with other teens at the pool,   because it isn't fair that Leonardo only does  Kate's chores. Kates turns the idea down however,   because she refuses to leave her kids alone  with a pervert. Afterward, Leonardo tries to   sleep with her even if he still doesn't remember  her, so Kate makes up another lie and tells him   he and his sponsor had an idea to help him stay  clean: no intimacy until he makes it to thirty   days without drinking. Leonardo ends up sleeping  in the garden shed with a bottle as his bathroom.   The following morning, Bobby picks Leonardo up and  takes him to his first construction job. The other   employees are friendly, but also tease him for his  softs hands that show he's never worked before.   Leonardo asks for some paperwork or errands  related chores to no avail, Bobby has him   digging up dirt and he gets made fun of again  when he has trouble moving the wheelbarrow,   accidentally falling on a pile of dirt. He also  gets to experience how the rich owner of the house   is rude to them for just being his workers. By the  time he makes it home, he's incredibly exhausted,   but Kate still gives him a list of chores to  do. Leonardo goes to the convenience store for   groceries, where one of the former yacht employees  sees him and thinks his face rings a bell.   After seeing a cooking magazine with some pasta  tips, he purchases some ingredients that weren't   on the list and surprises his family with a  much more delicious sauce than what they used   to eat straight from the can. The girls praise  his cooking, but Kate tries to keep it down,   since this plan is supposed to make him feel bad  as revenge. While Kate studies and sleeps more   in a week than she had done in months, Leonardo  continues to try to get used to his work tools,   and every failure gets more teasing from his  coworkers. During lunch, he tries to explain how   he feels something is wrong, that he doesn't feel  like he's living the right life, that he can't   recognize his wife, and that he is just an ATM to  her. The other men reply that's what married life   is like after so many years, that he should be  thankful he has a job and a beautiful family at   the end of the day waiting for him, and that he  should act like a man. This gives him a lot to   think about. When he returns home in the evening,  he brings Kate some frozen yogurt because that's   what she had told him they used to have together  on dates, and promises he'll try harder from now   on. Back in Mexico, Sofia misses her brother since  he's always been the only one that believed in   her, and it's hard to move on when his death has  been so mysterious because Magdalena refuses to   offer any details. When she finds the phone number  of the funeral home on the bottom of the urn,   she calls to ask for a death certificate, which of  course doesn't exist. Finding this very strange,   she starts making various calls including the  police, but nobody knows anything about the death   of a rich man. She also calls Colin, who confirms  nobody ever found Leonardo's body, while Magdalena   pretends to be happy that their father is suddenly  feeling better and won't die after all. On paying   day, Leonardo is proud to receive his first cheque  and gets to go home earlier. He finds Molly in   the front yard having trouble with her bicycle and  promises to teach her how to ride without training   wheels after putting the groceries away. Inside,  Emily takes advantage he's home to leave him   taking care of her sisters and asks for permission  to go to the pool, which Leonardo grants her.   When Kate returns from work, she finds her  daughter at the pool and drags her out,   scolding her for breaking the rules all the way  back to the house, grounding her when they arrive.   Leonardo, who had been bonding and  watching football with Molly and Olivia,   tries to make her understand that Emily is just a  teenager and they need to be more understanding.   Kate slips and calls the girls "her" kids,  and Leonardo takes it as an insult towards him   sterility, so after reminding her he's spent all  day working for them and that he's the provider,   he leaves the house and ends up at an Alcoholics  Anonymous meeting after he almost got drunk   because of the fight. After night falls, Kate  checks the fridge and sees all the meals and   snacks Leonardo has made for the girls, making her  appreciate him a little more. When he comes home,   they both apologize to each other. Kate has  ungrounded Emily, and to take some stress   off her shoulders, Leonardo has accepted to  take her shifts at Theresa's pizza place,   he also promises to entertain the girls on Sundays  so his wife can study more. Kate is very grateful   for this, and when he accidentally cuts his hand  in the kitchen, she applies her nurse knowledge to   take care of the wound, gaining his praise for her  bedside manners. Finally taking some pity on him,   Kate lets him sleep on the couch. Leonardo stats  working both the pizza delivery job and the   construction job, where he has to move incredibly  heavy cement bags made by his father's company,   which he doesn't remember. On Sunday, he drops  Emily at the pool, only to get overprotective and   drag her out when she sees him chatting with  a boy. Emily can't help crying because she's   miserable, feeling like nobody in this town pays  attention to her, unlike their last neighborhood   where she was super popular. Leonardo offers words  of comfort and support, gaining her trust, and   after she promises she won't do anything stupid,  he lets her go back to the pool. Afterward,   he takes Olivia to her football game, where he  proudly cheers for her during the whole match.   After everyone is done with their respective  activities, Leonardo takes them all bicycle   riding and then buys frozen yogurt for everyone.  When Molly asks him if he'll someday leave like   many other dads often do, he promises he won't.  The following day, Kate takes her test and feels   pretty confident in her success. This also means  however, she finally must tell Leonardo the truth.   But when she goes home, he finds him getting  dinner for the girls, who love his cooking,   and seeing all the family together and happy  like that makes Kater not confess. Instead,   she makes up another lie and tells him it's  their anniversary, so they go out to celebrate.   After dancing for hours at a club one of  Leonardo's coworkers performs at, they go   for a walk by the docks, where Leonardo makes up  some romantic story behind the reason why ships   sometimes honk three times. This convinces Kate to  finally kiss him, and that night, they make love.   A couple of days later, after Leonardo has  proudly finished his first construction job,   he decides to go shopping for some snacks while  Kate waits for her test results. When he gets in   the car, he discovers the paper bag with the  rubbers Kate left there since the hospital,   and since he's supposed to be sterile, he thinks  she's cheating on him. When he confronts her,   Kate uses the chance to tell him the truth,  but Leonardo doesn't understand and thinks   she's just dismissing him. Kate then tries  to make the girls tell him the truth as well,   but they stick to the lie because they like  Leonardo and want him to keep being their dad.   Still upset, Leonardo threatens to leave, but  Theresa decides to save the day by telling him   the rubbers are hers and Kate has been covering  up for her because she's an intimacy addict and   Bobby doesn't know about it yet. Leonardo  believes the story, and all this drama is   quickly forgotten when the girls see an e-mail on  Kate's computer saying she's passed the test and   she is a nurse now. The whole family decides  to celebrate by having a picnic with friends,   where the same yacht employee from the market  sees Leonardo and finally remembers who he is,   so he sends a picture to the captain, who shows it  to Papa Montenegro and his daughters right while   they are having the funeral. Back in the picnic,  Leonardo decides that since he can't remember the   first time they did it, he asks Kate to marry him  again to renew their vows, and Kate accepts. The   family spends that night together in a tent by the  shore. The next day, Leonardo's father and sisters   show up at Kate's house. Their presence brings  back Leonardo's memories, who gets truly upset   when he realizes Kate has been lying to him all  this time. Kate apologizes to him, but Leonardo   still leaves with his real family in their fancy  limo, causing the girls to cry and go after him.   Molly gets on her bicycle and even tries to follow  him, but the car is too fast for her to keep up.   The Montenegro family has lunch together on the  yacht, where Papi Montenegro announces the company   is going to Leonardo after all and not Magdalena.  Leonardo tries to tell her he'll want her help   because he's new at this, and mentions changes he  wants to make to favor the construction workers,   like smaller cement bags that won't hurt  their backs. Magdalena thinks this is insane,   but Papi Montenegro still wants his son to be the  heir and not his daughters. Sometime after dinner,   Leonardo goes to grab his drink by himself, which  makes it the first time he's ever stepped in the   yacht kitchen. He remembers how he hated rich  bastards like himself while working construction   and now feels like he doesn't know where he fits,  so Colin tells him he has the unique experience of   having seen life from both perspectives when most  people only know the world they were born into.   This gives him a lot to think about. Meanwhile,  Kate and the girls go to see Grace's play,   and seeing her mom pursue her dreams not  to have regrets at her old age inspires her   to go after Leonardo, and the only way to do  this is to borrow Bobby's boat. At the yacht,   Papi Montenegro gets upset when he realizes  Leonardo is making their ship go back because   he wants to reunite with Kate. Magdalena supports  Leonardo's romanticism, but Sofia calls her out on   her plan to get the company, revealing she's been  doing some research and has finally discovered   that her sister abandoned Leonardo at the hospital  on purpose. As the family starts arguing again,   Leonardo hears a ship honking three times and  guesses it's a sign from Kate, so he rushes   to the deck and finds out she's come for him  together with her daughters, Bobby and Theresa.   Instead of getting closer though, the ships are  moving further apart because Papi Montenegro has   taken advantage of Leonardo's distraction to turn  the yacht around in the direction of Mexico. So   after declaring his love for Kate, Leonardo jumps  into the water, followed closely by Kate doing the   same after telling him she loves him too. The  two of them begin swimming toward each other,   only for Leonardo to stop when he hears his father  promising to take him off his will if he chooses   Kate over the family. After a long, pointless  argument, Leonardo chooses Kate over money,   and the couple finally reunites in the water and  shares a kiss. Some days later, Colin shows up at   Kate's house to tell Leonardo the yacht had been  a birthday gift from his father to him, so if he   sells it, he'll be a millionaire again. Leonardo  and Kate decide to get married on the yacht before   selling it, with the captain acting as officiant.  The future is bright ahead of them: Kate is   working as a nurse, Sofia is now in charge of the  family company while Magdalena has been sent to   do the charity work, Grace gets a better role in  a new play, and Papi Montenegro decides to buy   the yacht not because he forgives Leonardo, but  because he's become fond of his new grandaughters.
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